Field Bred Golden Retrievers for Home & Field

Specializing in producing dual purpose dogs bred for both superior hunting abilities and personal companionship.

At Lish Kennels, our passion is field bred Golden Retrievers.  

We specialize in producing dual-purpose dogs bred for both superior hunting abilities and personal companionship.

Our dogs excel in field & water work and come with family compatible temperaments for home life. Our breeding stock is hand selected. We fully health screen each of our breeding males and females to ensure health & longevity. We also assess for innate abilities to perform in the field. Our breeding program goals are very straight forward: We are striving for betterment of the breed. Dogs included in our breeding program demonstrate high retrieving instinct & prey drive, love of water, are eager to please, and have family compatible temperaments. We are looking to maintain and encourage the Goldens natural instinct and build what is inherited. 

There is nothing better than to hunt behind a well-bred dog. We pride ourselves in producing field bred goldens that also have an “off” switch and make the best family companions. Our dogs are eager to please and love doing whatever their people are doing! Growing up in SE Idaho, I trained and hunted behind our Goldens and continue to do so still today. We started our kennel in 2012 and have been able to offer field bred Golden Retrievers to others since then. Our two daughters are very hands on! They are great socializers to each and every puppy and dog on our place. 


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