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Lish Kennels Facility

Lish Kennels

Lish Kennels is a training and breeding facility specializing in producing dual purpose dogs bred for both superior hunting abilities and personal companionship. Ever wonder what kind of environment a puppy or dog might be raised in? What the exercise and pen areas include, what exposures and lifestyle the dog might be raised in? Below is a photo gallery of the facility so you can see for yourself where the dogs are run and raised. All puppies are raised in the home until 3-4 weeks of age. At that time, they move out to have more room to explore, grow, and move more. The facility has two acres fenced for plenty of exercise room. Dogs have spacious kennels with heated dog houses in wintertime. 

The barn includes heated indoor/outdoor kennels for winter months. The property is blessed with an abundance of different plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees. And home to many bird nests every spring which keep our dogs pretty busy 🙂 Pigeons are kept for training needs. Puppies and dogs alike are exposed to cats as we have two resident cats. Puppies and dogs raised here get exposure to all of these things in addition to daily socialization with both children and adults. We hunt wild birds throughout the season but are also have private training grounds that allow for us to have year around access to field & water work. Below are pictures of our facility: