Lish's Forged In Fire JH "Blaze"

Miss Blaze was born and raised right here at Lish Kennels. Blaze has earned her Junior Hunt title through AKC. Blaze demonstrates a calm, cool demeanor in the home and with people but also has all desired qualities for field with good work ethics and prey drive. She is smart and sweet with a laid-back personality. She is a very dark Golden and deep dark red just like mom and dad. And comes from a long line of working red golden retrieves. She is quiet and still in the duck blind. 


But ready to snap into action as soon as needed. 


Height: 22.5″ Weight: 65lbs

Hips: PennHip tested DI Right .41 Left .41

Hips OFA Normal

Elbows: OFA – NORMAL

Heart – NORMAL

Eyes – CLEAR




Ichthyosis – CLEAR

Degenerative Myelopathy – CLEAR
View Blaze’s OFA health clearances here:  LISH’S FORGED IN FIRE (

The photo gallery below contains photos of Blaze at maturity and back to 8 weeks of age: