Alan T

Kym, I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to be able to purchase Daisy. We are very great full. Watching her everyday I can see she has amazing potential to become a field champion. Daisy is extremely smart and has a very good temperament we can tell that she was started the […]

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Brody Jardine

Lish Kennels is easily my highest recommendation for anybody looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer. Kym was absolutely wonderful to work with and is always willing to answer any training questions I have. I picked up Ace the day before he turned 8 weeks old and I have been impressed since day 1. He is

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Jacob McLain

I bought BiBi back in the fall of 2011 while I was deployed to Iraq. Not many people believe me when I said I picked her out of a photo because of how great of a dog she is. She is so sweet and bird crazy. I dont know what I would do without her.

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Bruce & Paula

After losing our 12 year old golden Abby, we thought we would never experience the joy and fulfillment she brought us. We were wrong! We phoned Lish Kennels and they had one puppy left. When we arrived to meet our new puppy we fell in love. She was wearing a purple diamond studded collar, and

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Rob and Shanna

We met and picked out our Athena when she was 5 weeks old and brought her home at 7 weeks. That was one week ago. It was a 5 hour drive to get her home, we had food breaks and potty breaks, and she did amazing. Already she is kennel trained at night and almost

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Avi Forman

I could not possibly be more happy with my experience at Lish Kennels. My baby boy, Apollo, came with a temperament you cannot teach, an inquisitiveness you cannot impose, and an instinctual acumen that goes far beyond AKC. Apollo was retrieving and dropping mini tennis balls at my feet (his mouth couldn’t come close to

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Darrin Johnson

I purchased a puppy from Lish Kennels in the Spring of 2012. After I committed to getting the puppy, Kym sent me current pictures of Maggie (my puppy) each week until I picked her up. It was fun watching how much Maggie grew and changed each week. When I picked up my puppy to take

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Kyle Walker

I purchased a puppy from Lish Kennels. Our pup is an absolute pleasure and a great addition to our family. She came well socialized and was not timid of our three year old, infact, they hit it off the quickest! And now the two are nearly inseperatable. Kym gave us training tips from day one

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Kenny and Shawna

Lish Kennels is AWESOME! Kym has been helpful from our first phone call to her inquiring about her litter. I was able to visit and pick out Greta at 6 weeks old. The property and kennels were impressive and the puppies were so stinking cute and healthy we almost picked out two. Because of an

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Brian H

I had the opportunity to tour Lish Kennels and their facility with Kymberly. They have a nice set up with birds on site. My pup from the kennel came well socialized, had been introduced to bird wing at early age, well cared for. We were able to get just what we wanted and are thankful

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