Zack & Alison

Our boy (also named Huck) is a Huck x Tillie dog and has been outstanding from the start. He’s almost 3 1/2 now and has stayed right at 85lbs since about 12 months old, so he’s a big boy. Everywhere we go he is complimented for his looks and temperament. He really is a handsome […]

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This is Juniper. “Junie” is a Huck daughter. Her owner writes: “Hi Kym, I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much we love Jupiter. She was a lot of work as a puppy but now that she is one year old she has become the most amazing dog who is so easy to

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C White

Another Huck boy: Pictured here at 9 weeks old. His owner writes “Goose has been a great puppy! He loves to fetch and was so easy to potty train!” C White

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M Plunkett

We picked up our 7 week old girl just last week and couldn’t be happier with the dog, the kennel and the process. Kym is clearly devoted to her profession and it shows. Her communication was prompt, clear and she was always willing to provide information and answer all my many questions. Our new pup

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Lucy’s owner sent pictures of her Halloween costume and this update: “Lucy is doing awesome and weighing 60 pounds now. She’s extremely athletic with a busy mind. I think she’s a good match for dock diving and scent work so after the first of the year we’re getting into a program. She’s been good for us.

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B Shaden

Comet’s owner writes: “Comet at 2 years old. Wonderful dog! Thank you so much for selling him to me. He is a great companion.” Comet is out of Rusty x Boo. B Shaden  

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Hi Kim, Here’s Casey and I . Casey is doing great and we really enjoy having him. He’s very social, sweet,  very bird and has a great nose . He also has fit in nicely with our family of the other dogs and cats. Casey is a Huck & Blaze boy. Ron  

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Tracey R.

We picked up our boy “Dutch” from the Huck and Skipper litter on 10/9/21. This beautiful boy has captured our hearts. This is our 3rd golden in 43 years of marriage…Kym was top-notch in helping us with deciding on our boy. Communication was exceptional and I would encourage anyone who is looking for a golden

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Karla T

Lily is a Rusty x Boo pup. She is 8 months old and we couldn’t love her more! She has a lot of energy and Love to share with everyone! We get so many compliments on how Beautiful she is! We can’t imagine her being more beautiful the older she gets! She loves running and

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Tule is a Huck x Tillie pup that stayed for extended beginning training. Her owner took right over when Tule arrived home at 10 weeks old. Now, at 9 months old her owner writes: “Tule has been doing just incredible! She is pulling crippled Mallards out of the thickest tules! Incredible nose👍 & quite the addition to the

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